Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Moisture in Crawlspace in Payneville, KY

This Payneville, KY crawl space was full of mold, moisture, and mud and the homeowners needed a solution to repair and prevent the damage from reoccurring. As you know, the earth is damp, and as that damp soil dries beneath your house, the water vapor moves upward. The dirt floor in the before picture makes for an easy passageway for moisture to enter the crawl space and cause problems.

Design Specialist, Bob Roberts,was sent to the home to discuss what steps they could take to stop more damage. To prevent issues like these, the CleanSpace barrier was installed. This has multiple layers of plastics with flexibility and tear resistance to stop water vapor from permeating up from the floor. When the CleanSpace liner is laid over the floor of the crawl space, water can seep or even flow under it to the sump, keeping your crawl space clean and dry. This encapsulation system satisfied all of the repair criteria while dramatically transforming the area into a healthy, usable space. This crawl space now has no more humidity than upstairs.

New Crawl Space Access in Irvington, KY

Jeremiah in Irvington, KY, called Healthy Spaces because he was interested in installing a crawl space well or access well. After sending our Design Specialist out there, they came up with a solution that would fit Jeremiah's needs. Crawl space access wells can be ugly, deteriorate, and can let in rain, leaves, and debris. The doors will eventually rot and they do not have an airtight seal. Our Turtl crawl space access system is designed to provide clean convenient access to your below-grade crawl space. It's made from rigid plastic so it will never rot, rust, corrode, or need paint! It's built to last and looks great on your home!

Muddy Crawlspace Transformed to a CleanSpace

In these photos, you can easily see the CleanSpace difference! When the Healthy Spaces installation removed the layer of tar paper from the crawlspace, they discovered an extremely muddy crawlspace floor. In fact, the mud was very slippery and smelly.

In order to isolate the crawlspace and the house from the muddy ground and wet outside air, Cleanspace was installed. CleanSpace is an engineered film designed against rips, tears, and water on top of the liner. it's guaranteed for 25 years!

In the second picture, you can see the CleanSpace being installed in the crawlspace. Once the installation is complete, the crawlspace will actually be a conditioned space, which will increase energy efficiency--saving money on cooling and heating, and increasing indoor air quality.

New Vapor Barrier in Branchville, IN

Homeowner in Branchville, IN had a damp environment in his crawl space underneath his home. Any moisture is bad in a crawl space because not only do insects and critters of all kinds love this type of environment and wet materials, but mold also thrives in it as well. Our client had previously used Healthy Spaces before at a different home so he knew he wanted to give us a call to help him with his unhealthy space.

Our System Design Specialist worked with him to create a plan that he felt comfortable with and would give him peace of mind. Our team installed a complete encapsulation system, along with drainage matting, and crawl space wall insulation.

Because he had a concrete floor with rocks over the top, we installed our CleanSpace drainage matting. This is used when it's difficult to install a drainage system. Installed under our CleanSpace vapor barrier, the matting creates a drainage space and thermal break between CleanSpace and the ground. Next, we installed our SilverGlo Wall Insulation. SilverGlo is infused with graphite, which reflects heat and lower's the material's conductivity. This makes your crawl space and floors above them warmer in the winter and lowers your cost of heating bills. Lastly, our team installed over the top of the drainage matting and SilverGlo our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier. Our CleanSpace Encapsulation System completely isolates your home from the earth by sealing it over the floor and walls. 

Looking to have a vapor barrier installed in your crawl space? Give Healthy Spaces a call today for a free, no-obligation assessment!

Vapor Barrier in Branchville, IN

In Branchville, IN, a couple wanted to convert their unusable crawl space into a space for potential storage and to create a healthy environment for the home. A dirt crawl space not only can create potential disasters at home but the space can not be used constructively. Some homes will have plastic liners on the floor of their crawl space, but this does not make it safe to store important papers or things. The dirt is still being exposed and any tiny cracks in the wall will bring in moisture. The couple wanted to make sure the outside air was closed up before officially using the extra space below the home. 

CleanSpace is fitted into a crawl space to completely seal off your home from the earth. It is made up of 20 mils thick plastic liner that has different characteristics of flexibility and is puncture and tear-resistant. It is also bright white, transforming the space into a clean atmosphere. When CleanSpace is installed, it is considered an “indoor space” because of the dry air and spotless look. As soon as the couple saw the crawl space transform into a practical and money-saving space, they were elated!


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