Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Wet Basement in Odon, IN

This Odon homeowner purchased this home and was previously told that there was waterproofing around the perimeter of the home. They would continue to get small amounts of water in the basement until they removed the downspouts from going into the ground. That solved the water issue but now their basement continued to have that smell. They decided that they needed to give Healthy Spaces a call to solve the problem.

Our System Design Specialist, Damon Cheatham, quickly came to evaluate the situation. He concluded that the crawlspace would need SilverGlo, a CleanSpace liner, and a SandiDry. 

SilverGlo Crawl Space Wall Insulation is able to resist heat conduction and boast a radiant barrier, which reflects heat back into their crawl space for ultimate energy savings. 

Next, we installed our CleanSpace liner on top of the SilverGlo. This 20-mil poly-reinforced crawl space liner prevents water vapor and humidity from passing through. Keeping their crawl space dry, and free from mold and rot.

With a plan set, our production team came to the home to start the project.

Jasper, IN SilverGlo Insulation Installation

This is a current project that our crawlspace installation team is working on today. They are completing a crawlspace encapsulation on a home with an old style vapor barrier and have just completed installing SilverGlo over the foundation walls to help the crawlspace be more energy efficient. Once the SilverGlo is installed, they will be removing the black plastic and putting down the CleanSpace engineered film to fully isolate the crawlspace from groundwater intrusion and outside air! We're looking forward to more photos as the day progresses!

Jasper, IN Home Crawl Space Repaired

Our friends from Jasper, IN were experiencing a damp, nasty crawl space. They began to notice an order, and as time progressed, the smell worsened. Friends and family that entered the home began to notice the smell when they walked in as well. One night, these homeowners heard our ad on the radio and decided to give us a call. 

Upon sending our System Design Specialist to do an inspection in the crawl space, we were able to pinpoint why the odors were coming from the crawl space. Mold had taken over, and the exposed earth was causing moisture and humidity. From here, our Design Specialist went over what could be done to solve these issues with the homeowner.

For starters, a mold remediation cleaning process would need to be done to begin the crawl space transformation. After this, a full CleanSpace encapsulation system to seal the outside earth from the crawl space. Lastly, a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier will keep any crawl space dry. It is a high-efficiency system that takes up to 100 pints of water per day. Since the crawl space is now a bright, healthy, functional, and dry space, it is perfect for storage and also increased the health of everyone in the family. 

Problems In Crawl Space in Jasper, IN

The key to solving your crawl space problem is to turn your nasty crawl space into a nice crawl space, which is exactly what our client in Jasper, IN did! Their home previously had a 6 mil polyethylene ground cover, but because it wasn't sealed at the perimeter up the walls, and because the vents were left open, this crawl space had a lot of moisture that eventually turned to mold. Another big problem with 6 mil poly is that it easily rips and gets holes poked in it when you crawl on it. This is not a permanent solution!

The team at Healthy Spaces installed drainage matting underneath the CleanSpace liner, which allows water to flow to a sump in a crawl space that already has a concrete floor. Next, we sealed the entire crawl space with a 20 mil thick plastic liner, similar to a pool liner called CleanSpace. This bright white crawl space liner installs on the walls and floors, preventing water vapor and humidity from passing through. 

We service Jasper, Ferdinand, Huntingburg, and many nearby areas in Indiana and Kentucky.

Dirt Crawl Space in Chrisney, IN

Homeowners in Chrisney, IN knew that their dirt crawl space had excess moisture in the air causing mold and could eventually lead to structural damage. 

BEFORE: Moisture that enters the crawl space through the soil or vents can ruin insulation and also encourage mold growth and wood rot. 


AFTER: Healthy Spaces installed a vapor barrier liner. Installing a vapor barrier will not only create a healthier living space but can save you money on your utility bills. We recommended doing a full encapsulation with our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier because it's the most effective in preventing water vapor and humidity from passing through. It also protects your structure and insulation from mold. But they asked to wait a couple of months before doing a full encapsulation in their crawl space. 

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