Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Out With the Old, In With the New in Whitesville, KY

Whitesville, KY homeowner Ashlee K. had noticed that the dehumidifier in their vault room was no longer working. They purchased it from a big name box store, and it obviously didn't do its job. Without the dehumidifier running and filtering the air, the moisture was at an all-time high. It caused mold growth in their basement, which could also lead to illness and awful smells. Once they began to notice the mold, the panicked. They didn't want their home to be unhealthy, so they gave us a call.

Design Specialist, Damon Cheatham, was sent to the home to complete a thorough inspection. He concluded that the dehumidifier wasn't doing its job and recommended that it definitely be replaced with a SaniDry XP Upright Dehumidifier which removes up to 109 liters of water per day. The latest generation of SaniDry dehumidifiers is more powerful and energy-efficient than ever! Each one includes a comprehensive, written warranty upon installation. 


Maeco, KY Crawl Space with Mold and Moisture

This family in Maceo, KY never went down to their crawl space. It was an "out of sight, out of mind" thing for them, but what they didn't know is that their crawl space was full of mold. In the before photo, you can see a nasty, old vapor barrier that has torn and become covered in mold. Not only that, but the barrier itself has pulled away from the walls and wrinkled up to the point that it is not functional. 

Healthy Spaces was called to help the homeowners get their crawl space back to a healthy and clean state. Our Design Specialist, Bob Roberts, created a plan to keep the crawl space dry and moisture-free. The SilverGlo insulation panels contain tiny graphite particles, which give it that silver shine, and reflect heat back into the crawl space while keeping the cold out. A new plastic liner was also put down on the floor to help keep water and debris out. 

The combination of the liner and SilverGlo, This Maceo, KY crawl space is now smell free, mold-free, and warm. By keeping moisture and cold air out she will also have lower energy costs which will save her money as well. 

Sagging and Sinking Crawl Space in Hartford, KY

New homeowners, Carl & Becky, moved into a home in Hartford, KY. It was flagged on the inspection report for their crawl space floors sagging. They could see that there was an area where their floor was sloping. After reading through our google reviews, they gave Healthy Spaces a call for a free inspection. 

Our System Design Specialist worked with Carl & Becky to put together a proposal they felt comfortable with and a plan that restores the value of their home. Together they decided Healthy Spaces would need to install 16 SmartJack's and supplemental beams. The SmartJack System provides solid support for sagging and undersized beams, restoring stability and straightness to sagging floor joists in a crawl space. 


We fix sagging, sinking crawl spaces in Evansville, Owensboro, Beaver Dam, Falls of Rough, Fordsville, Whitesville, Philpot and many other areas in Kentucky and Indiana! Call us today at 1-833-782-0040 or for a free inspection.

Beaver Dam, KY Crawlspace Vapor Barrier Installation

Here, you can really see the difference that CleanSpace makes!  The initial crawlspace was lumpy dirt floor, covered in a clear plastic sheet.  When the sheet was pulled back, it was amazing to see how moldy and gross that plastic had become and how tattered and shredded it was.  Underneath the plastic, there was a failed trench system for drainage.  Instead of helping control the influx of water, it trapped over 4" of standing water in the crawlspace, which lead to mold and fungus growth among other problems.  

Damon Cheatham with Healthy Spaces came out and inspected the crawlspace.  He designed a comprehensive water removal system to keep the crawlspace dry all the time!  The installation team started by remediating the mold, removing the debris, and leveling the floor of the crawlspace.  Next, they re-dug the trench system to fit an EZFlow drainage system, which connects to a SuperSump sump pump system to remove the water.  The entire crawlspace needed to be more energy efficient as well, so SilverGlo insulation was installed along the walls and in the spaces between the subfloor joists.  The crew installed 1,134 sq feet of Cleanspace, two vent covers, and an EverLast Crawlspace well and door for entry.  Finally, a Sani-dry dehumidifier was installed in the crawlspace to keep the space conditioned and the relative humidity low so mold won't grow in there again.

Crawl Space Sealing in Beaver Dam, KY

Homeowner in Beaver Dam, KY, was interested in getting an estimate for a new vapor barrier. Having heard from friends and family in Beaver Dam who had work done from us, they decided to give Healthy Spaces a call. 

We installed CleanSpace vapor barrier, which is a durable, bright white crawl space liner that installs on the walls and floors, preventing water vapor and humidity from passing by. By keeping their crawl space dry, they're protecting their structure from mold and rot. 

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